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Matt Allen explains how to catch the biggest fish in the lake. Озеро каратабан рыбалка 2017. From swimbaits, to jigs, to reaction baits, he teaches you the techniques and tricks to fool the biggest bass in your lake. Baits In Order Of Appearance:Hinkle Shad Swimbait: Custom Made to orderDirty Jigs 1/2 Oz Pitchin' Jig: Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver Jig Trailer: LV-500 Lipless Crankbait: Pointer 100 Jerkbait: Huddleston 10" or 8" Swimbait: Osprey 7" Swimbait: S-Waver 200 and 168 Glidebait: Mattlures Bluegill Swimbait: Tranx Swimbait Reel: California Swim Jig: Underspin: Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbait: Revenge Heavy Duty Spinnerbait: Best replacement hooks for swimbaits: Best Scale to Weigh you trophy fish: Interested in getting TacticalBassin Apparel? Email us at tacticalbassinapparel@gmail.com for pricing and availability. Trophy bass are difficult to catch. They've learned to avoid fishermen and lures but there are some secrets that still fool them. Matt explains how to use specific fishing lures and a few key techniques to fool those big bass into biting. One of the keys is to match the hatch. Learn what the fish in your lake like to eat. If they eat shad, kokanee, trout, bluegill, crappie, or other baitfish you can choose the baits that will best trigger those bass into feeding. Matt also explains how to fire up a school of fish and creating a feeding mentality. Using this method you can use the behavior of small fish to trigger giant fish into feeding aggressively, even when they don't want to bite!Depending on the food the bass are eating Matt explains how to target them by fishing swimbaits and glidebaits, jig fishing, or switching to reactive baits like the swimbait, underspin, or jerkbait. The last method we recommend using to catch trophy bass is night fishing. We break down how to catch those night fish with swimbaits, swim jigs, or jigs (jig and pig). If you use these tips and tricks to catch bigger bass, you're going to have an amazing year on the water! Trophy bass fishing doesn't have to be a mystery. These are the exact baits and methods we use to catch bigger fish and you can use them too!We hope you enjoyed this bass fishing video! If you did please subscribe to the channel so you can see more of our content. From How To fishing videos to big bass catches, we're here to teach you how to bass fish. Have a great day! Using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won't be able to even see a difference but they'll know you're one of us! To read the full article visit Keep up with us on Social Media! We produce different content for each platform so if you aren't following us on all of them, you're missing out! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @Tacticalbassin

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